Ultra-WIDE Display

Shelf Edge Displays

Perfect as a banner-style endcap display in retail stores and supermarkets

Our LCD Retail Digital Shelf Displays are compact, sleek and lightweight. This display makes the perfect promotional advertisement screen for POS applications in retail business and more.

It allows retailers to upgrade their point-of-purchase marketing by displaying interactive and dynamic content right on the shelf. The all-in-one system features touch display, media player, and speakers in one compact solution. It's the perfect display for retailers who want to optimize shelf space and increase sales.

It's widely known that promotional messaging becomes more effective the closer it is to the point of decision. With digital shelf edge displays, you now have the capability to target your messages within inches of the product itself.

We provide everything you need to procure, install, manage and support your digital shelf edge display network. We work closely with clients to ensure that their displays are always on and can provide content design and production services to ensure your shelf-based promotions look as good as everything else in your marketing portfolio. All displays and their interdependent systems are monitored 24/7 by our support desk team and can be maintained on-site by our engineering staff.

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Display units can be affixed to existing shelves either horizontally or vertically. Multiple displays can function either as individual units or as a single messaging display.

Retail Digital Shelf Display Details

Features that set this display apart from others on the market are its ease of use and easy set up. It is also super light weight, doesn't protrude much past the end of the retail shelving units and can be mounted securely in portrait or landscape modes.

Additionally, the 700 Nit Brightness of the display screen will capture audience's attention from a distance and as well as near by. To top things off, its optional inbuilt PC and wireless access makes displaying valuable information and updating stunning videos in real-time a breeze.


  • Airports
  • Advertising
  • Education Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Retail


Digital Shelf Edge Display Product List

Type Size Brightness(cd/m2) Active Area (mm) Outline Size (mm) Resolution Contrast Ratio Remark
RDM088SL 8.8" 600 218.88 x54.72 245x73x25 1920x480 800 :1 MP
RDM63SL 16.3" 600 409.8 x60 440x80x22.5 1366x210 700 :1 MP
RDM88SL 18.8" 600 476 x44 70x 123x38 1920x177 1000:1 MP
RDM212SL 21.2" 600 531.36x90 495.3x66.3x30 1920x352 1000:1 MP
RDM231SL 23.1" 600 585.6x48.19 597.40x 60.40x15.28 1920x158 3000 :1 MP
RDM275SL 27.5" 600 698.4x42 723x66x30 1920x116 1400:1 MP
RDM349SL 34.9" 600 885.6x58.5 927x90x22.5 1920x130 4000 :1 MP
RDM350SL 35.0" 400 880.4x50 891.6x60.4x15.8 2880x158 3000 :1 MP
RDM423SL 42.3" 600 21073.8x69.1? 115.29x90x22.5 1920x123 4000 :1 MP
RDM470SL 47.0" 500 1192.3x55.89 1208.72x73x21.4 3840x180 1000:1 MP

Ultra-Wide Stretched Bar Displays

Ultra-Wide Stretched Bar Displays

Ultra-Wide Stretched Bar Displays

The Stretch Displays enable you to fit screens in locations where conventional displays don't fit. These displays are available in two different brightness's (700 or 1500 nits). They provide an optimal viewing experience whatever the environment. The stretch display stands out because it is a different shape than conventional units and can be mounted in landscape or portrait modes. It also delivers crisp, clean imagery and videos that can make a real impact on the shop floor or in a business foyer.

Convey Real Time Message in Every Space

The Stretch Displays fit in spaces that conventional displays don't fit or are too bulky for. For example, the Ultra-Stretch Displays can be mounted from the ceiling and still allow head room clearance. These displays can also be positioned in product display areas without taking up valuable merchandising space. To top things off, you can mount these displays in portrait or landscape modes. The right brightness is displayed according to the environment thanks to an auto light sensor. These displays are ideal to convey real time messages in restaurants, retail stores, transport hubs and in many other applications.

Optimum Durability and Reliability

The Conventional Cutting of LCD Displays to create stretched versions often result in terrible flaws such as fragile and brittle screens as well as darkened images around the edges of the display. However, Native Stretch Displays do not undergo this process, therefore ensuring the quality and reliability of the display after prolonged operation. As a result, these screens will deliver clear crisp images and messages to your customers while in use.


The high brightness display (1500 Nits) has high temperature liquid crystal. This prevents black spots under high temperatures. Both models contain a circular polariser which allows customers wearing sunglasses to see the sharp images and messages being portrayed on the screen. The 1500 Nit model is EN50155 certified for rail environments.

Stretch Displays deliver outstanding picture quality. They display in vivid detail and provide realistic images to make your vision come to life. It comes with a one-year warranty and optional 3-year warranty. It's ability to display pictures and text in a sharp and clear format will make your content eye-catching and realistic. This display is perfect for unconventional spaces and can be easily upgraded to create a video wall.

Easy Upload Content

Uploading content couldn't be simpler. Simply plug in your USB and play your content on your screen.

Ultra-Wide Stretched Bar Displays

Ultra-Wide Stretched Bar Displays Product List

Type Size Brightness(cd/m2) Active Area (mm) Outline Size (mm) Resolution Contrast Ratio Remark
RDM270-SBLD-FHD-112-AND 24" 700 596x112 641x155.5x52 1920x360 1000:1 MP
RDM270-SBLD-FHD-168-AND 24.4" 700 597.6x168 641x211.5x52 1920x540 1000 :1 MP
RDM320-SBLD-FHD-196.42-AND 29" 700 698.4x196.42 743x238x60 1920x540 5000:1 MP
RDM320-SBLD-FHD-257-AND 29.3" 700 698.4x257 743x298.5x60 1920x708 5000 :1 MP
RDM420-SBLD-FHD-172-AND 37" 700 919.3x172.3 973x224.5x61.5 1920x360 4000 :1 MP
RDM420-SBLD-FHD-268-AND 38" 700 6919.3x268 973x320x61 1920x560 4000 :1 MP
RDM490-SBLD-FHD-199-AND 43" 700 1073.8x199 1121.3x237.5x61.5 1920x360 4000 :1 MP
RDMSSO-SBLD-UHD-340-ADB 49.5" 500 1209.6x340.2 1247.5x383.5x60 3840x1080 3000:1 MP
RDM650-SBLD-UHD-400-ADB 58.4" 500 1428.5x400 1470x440x58 3840x1075 1400:1 MP
RDM750-SBLD-UHD-348-ADB 66.6" 500 1649.66x348 413x2016.5x500 3840x810 1400:1 MP
RDM860-SBLD-UHD-296-ADB 75.5" 500 1895x296 1926x326x27.2 3840x600 1400:1 MP
RDM860SBLD-AND 86" 500 2146.5x335 2166.3x356.5x83.5 3840x600 1100:1 MP
RDM880SBLD-AND 88.0" 500 2146.5x597.5 2166.3x619.5x96.6 3840x1080 1100:1 MP
RDM-SBLD-UHD-750-ADB 91.6" 500 2203.2x750 2244x787x91 3840x1307 4000 :1 MP