Transparent LED FILM

The latest addition to our range of Transparent solutions designed specifically for window/facade advertising.

The major advantage is being able to display promotional messaging on the windows and still be able to see into the store.

We offer TLED for both indoor & outdoor purposes. There is no limit to the size we can produce these frames due to their unique design.

TLM(Transparent LED film display)

TLM (Transparent LED film display)A new form of LED film display created by mounting the LED totransparent electrode film as a module, visualizing media façade, media art advertisement, landscape lighting, information, etc. as a video onto a transparent window both inside and outside the facility.

  1. Ultralight, ultra slim, ultra-transparent film type product
  2. Provides various types of products for convenient construction

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Transparent LED FILM

Strength of TLM

Strength of TLM - Transparent LED film adhesive to glass directly

  1. Assembled and constructed both vertically and horizontally depending on the area
  2. Cutting into different size is available
  3. Installing onto both flat and curved surface due to its flexibility
  4. Under 1mm ultra slim that can be installed onto building surface made out of glass
  5. Color film (482mm x 482mm standard) weighs 370g
  6. 97% of aperture ratio: great view from the inside of the building
  7. Easy installing process
  8. Easy maintenance

Transparent OLED Display

The latest addition to our range of Transparent solutions designed specifically for window/facade advertising.

The major advantage is being able to display promotional messaging on the windows and still be able to see into the store.

We offer TLED for both indoor & outdoor purposes. There is no limit to the size we can produce these frames due to their unique design.

Transparent OLED

A New Level of See-through View Transparent OLED signage illuminates spaces that once were hidden away behind the display, completely harmonizing with its surroundings.

BRING COLOR TO LIFE Exceptional Picture Quality: OLED technology, featuring self-lighting pixels, maintains accurate and vivid colors even when the digital display becomes transparent. Transparent OLED signage brings content to life by blending digital content with real objects when positioned together.

High Transparency: Transparent OLED signage seamlessly and naturally blends into its surroundings thanks to its high transparency. These see-through digital displays turn static signage areas into open and interactive spaces.

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Transparent LED FILM

Brilliant Picture Quality in a Large Viewing Size

  1. 55" diagonal
  2. Touch Interactive (Optional)
  3. Vibrant colors at 120 percent National Television System Committee (NTSC) performance
  4. Wide viewing angles with no off-axis contrast or brightness limitations
  5. Full HD resolution delivers beautiful graphics and full-motion video

High Performance

4K@60Hz DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity including HDCP 2.2 compliance Fully-controllable using RS-232, LAN and other control systems Compatible with processing solutions from Planar including the Clarity® VCS Video Wall Processor for tiling applications or advanced source management

High Durability

Effective Information Deliver. Temper Glass for enhanced durability and optics Improved perceived contrast when compared to traditional large form cover glass, making the display more readable and impactful to the user - even in bright public venues

Transparent LED FILM

Configuration Flexibility

Customizable and Expandable DesignMountable in either portrait or landscape orientation. Can be table mounted, ceiling mounted or built into custom fixtures using either table or straight flush-mount designs Can be tiled to create large eye-catching video wall arrays using DisplayPort video loop through

  • No vision barrier, about 75 % transparency
  • Maximum eye catcher for POS, fairs and showrooms
  • Futuristic kiosk design with multi-touch
  • Full HD - available in any ambient light
  • No back light needed
  • Content Management via WiFi / UMTS
  • Existing content can be played
  • Edge-to-Edge surface design
Transparent LED FILM

Transparent LCD Cooler / Glass Door

This is the coolest cooler of them all! " That's what advertising experts said when they saw RDM Cooler.

It was developed with a single goal - to make your product stand out.

Transparent LCD Cooler / Glass Door

Transparent Displays are becoming more and more popular thanks to the amazing WOW factor, especially when integrated in a showcase, refrigerator, custom solution and piece of furniture. But not all TLCD are equal and can offer the same transparency, definition, images colour depth and colour temperature alteration of the backlight.

These screens can also be granted touch capability by combining them with touch foils or touch frames, to add an interactive element to your installation. This creates a very powerful impact when the content on screen integrates with real life objects behind the screen, encouraging viewers to interact on a level that will exceed expectations.

Retail windows, interactive booths, display cases, interactive games, vending machines, drinks coolers... the uses for this amazing technology are limited only by your creativity.

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Transparent LED FILM

Regency Cooler Signage

RCS is a digital smart screens display showcasing high-definition, full-motion video embedded within a freezer or cooler door’s glass panel. The solution is designed for brands to highlight their products within Grocery and Convenience Stores, and offers a compelling and differentiated way to connect and motivate your consumers directly at the point of purchase using sharp, crystal clear promotions. 

RCS Benefits

Connect with Shoppers: Build trust using value driven and relevant lifestylemessaging. Attract attention to products within arm’s reach of the product.

Increase Shopper Engagement: Attract attention to products within arm’s reach of the product.

Influence Shopper Behaviour: Create innovative in-store promotions that drive sales at the point-of-purchase.


Transparent LED FILM
Transparent LED FILM

RCS Features

Fully Networked: Powered by our RDM digital signage platform for remote management and scheduling of content.

Multiple Manufacturers: Supports various cooler and freezer

Retrofit Options: Select from fully functional turn-key freezers or coolers, or decide to retrofit your current doors on freezers or coolers already placed in-store.

Interactive Capabilities: Supports touch capabilities for interactive promotions and product messaging (optional).

Full Door Ads: Designed to draw shoppers attention and only run when consumers are at a distance

Multi-Door / Wall Ads: These “continuous” ads span multiple doors, creating a one-of-a-kind in-store advertising opportunity

Banner And Middle Hotspot Ads: Top and eye-level placement are highly effective and ideal to build brand visibility


Our merchandising and advertising software powers captivating, immersive experiences for shoppers. Cooler Media combines the art of dynamic visual design and the power of AI technology. It gives retailers and brands the ability to define smart, in-context promotions, design digital planograms, and deliver flawless product displays and real-time pricing at the point-of-sale. With Cooler Media, retailers and brands can capitalize on the critical three-to-five seconds of consumer decision-making in store.

Standard Screens Sizes

Diagonal (16:9) Transparent LCD Interactive
65" 4K
86" 4K
Transparent LED FILM