Outdoor Freestanding Digital Posters

Supply your business with our high-brightness LCD digital displays that work for outdoor applications in the retail, transportation and hospitality industries. Our screens provide you with content that is not hampered by lighting conditions.RDM comes up with integrated solutions to remotely manage and distribute content updates. Find a model custom-fit to engage with your audience here. Outdoor digital signage comes with available network and touch upgrades and plug and play for 24/7 usage. Protected from weather and vandalism through hidden controls and openings, our versatile outdoor digital displays define quality for your customers.Highly regarded for their excellent environmental rating, our digital signage complements outdoor applications because of their sheet metal casing. RDM outdoor displays are provided with a fully sealed or liquid particle ingress and are tested for impact resistance.

Able to withstand hot and cold surroundings through its sheet metal coating, RDM outdoor digital signage ensures that the internal mechanisms are protected for longer life. We tailor our displays to work at an optimal level in any climate. High-performance, outdoor digital displays


Designed to withstand the elements, these displays are protected against all wet weather conditions and airborne dust particles by their robust IP65 rated enclosure. They also feature a waterproof coating on all internal circuit boards and waterproof over moulded AV connectors.

Easy Maintenance

Should you need to run the screen from another source, such as a small sized third-party media player or PC, there is a small secure internal locker in which to place your device.

Advanced Temperature Control System

To maximise the lifespan of the display, the internal airflow system keeps the screen running at the optimal temperature regardless of the external conditions. Built-in air conditioning can be tailored to allow the display to work in any climate.

Internal Locker

Should you need run the screen from an external source, there is space to fit a PC or media player inside the lockable compartment. This can then be connected to the display via the HDMI, VGA or 3.5mm audio inputs.

Outdoor Displays


EV Charging Station with Digital Advertising Messaging with a Green Mission


EV Charging Station with Digital Advertising Messaging with a Green Mission

Advertising on RDM interactive screens is a unique opportunity for companies to communicate their messaging while making a positive environmental impact in their communities. EV Digital Signage Charging Totem comes with a 55? HD high lumen commercial display and options for 2 digital signage media players, touchscreen on 1 or 2 sides. The shell is made from galvanized steel with an IP55/55 rating, with tough anti-glare vandal proof tempered glass, and smart AC fan cooling system to adapt to extreme climates. We will install your preference of UL Certified Level 2 or 3 chargers, with J1772 or Tesla charging plugs. Use a computer/touchscreen for wayfinding and interactivity or use any 3rd party media player to manage and push ads to a network of machines. Why pay for people to charge their cars, when you can make money from advertising and set up a charging network with RFID payment credits debited to your customer mobile phone.

Advertising LED Display



  • ETL Safety Certified
  • Weather and Water Tested
  • Outdoor LED High Bright Screen
  • Mini Industrial PC
  • Optional PCAP Touch


  • Security Camera
  • Outdoor Rated Speakers
  • Gunshot Detection
  • Single or Dual Sided 55? /65" HD LCD High Brightness 3000 Lumen LG Commercial Display
  • Choose your Level and brand of UL Certified Chargers and Plugs
  • Galvanized Steel, Waterproof, Vandal Proof, Anti-Corrosion for 8 years
  • AR Safe Glass, Anti-UV (99.99%)
  • IP65 Water/Vandal-proof, Anti-Corrosion for 5 years, No color-fading, paint-shedding, rusting
  • Smart AC with Integrated Cooling System and Air Flow Sensors
  • Micro Controller with Automatic Brightness, Cooling, Heating, and Dehumidification
  • Nano touch technology with high sensitivity and immune to outdoor effects
  • CPU: Intel i7 Processor
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HD: 500 GB
  • High quality Wi-Fi module included
  • High Quality Stereo 10W Speakers
  • Built in HD Camera with safety glass cover (Optional)
  • Add an RFID Reader, 2D, QR or Barcode Scanner, CC Reader, Printer
  • Choice of OS or AV Boards

Outdoor LED Displays

Modular full colour DIP and SMD LED screens for outdoor applications. High brightness, full colour outdoor LED screen for large format video displays

Bespoke Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions Optimised for Crystal Clear Distant Viewing

Outdoor Led Video Walls

Available in P6 and P10 pixel pitches (other models available on request)

Fully Portable

Thanks to the lightweight enclosure, rugged castors and sturdy non-foldable design this innovative display can be easily moved around by one person.


Designed with a robust aluminium enclosure to give protection from the elements. The outer cases is IP-rated which means it keeps out airborne swarf, dust and other particles as well as being protected from any wet weather condition.

Outstanding High Brightness

With an incredible brightness level of 6,000cd/m2 the LED Video Wall has outstanding visibility. The display is sunlight redable even in direct sunlight instantly catching attention from viewers ensuring your content is always seen.

Ultra High Contrast Ratio

With an ultra-high contrast radio of 6,000:1 the LED Video Walls deliver deeper blacks, vivid colours and clear visibility across the display without sacrificing brightness.

Front or Rear Serviceability

Through an intuitive and easy-to-use maintenance system the LED Video Wall can be serviced from either the front of the display or the rear. The LED modules can be removed quickly and efficiently for convenient maintenance.

Easy Installation

Their light and compact design as well as magnetic modules, positioning pins and simple cabinet structure make them ideal for either permanent installations or rental jobs.

Lightweight and Slim Design

Each cabinet weighs 28kg and has a depth of 100mm making these screens much easier to install. The lighter weight reduces stress on the mounting structure.

Optional Ambient Light Sensor

Ensure that the brightness of your video wall is always at an optimum level. This feature is ideal for displays that are road facing, which need to have variable brightness depending on the time of day.

Complete Quality Control

Every step, from production to installation, goes through a strict quality control procedure while quality calibration guarantees consistent image quality across the whole display.

Optimised Outdoor Viewing Distances

The Outdoor LED Video Walls are designed for longer viewing distances with multiple pixel pitch options depending on your budget and requirements.

Bespoke Video Wall Display

The Outdoor LED Video Walls are designed for longer viewing distances with multiple pixel pitch options depending on your budget and requirements.

Bespoke Video Wall Display

Make the most of their modular design as you sculpt the LED Video Wall to fill your space and stand out from the crowd.

IP Rated Enclosure

An IP rating means the LED panels have been through a rigorous testing process ensuring they are able to withstand wet weather conditions and also keep out airborne dust.

Outdoor LED Displays