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The Media Player has great features at an affordable price point. It’s an optimal choice for casual, mid-size users who would like to incorporate digital signage into their stores.

the solid mp

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A media player is an integral component of a digital signage project and is the brain behind the operation. The media player stores and displays all of your content within its scheduled parameters. Regency has developed the Solid MP,  a cutting edge media player with state-of-the-art technology. The player boasts a powerful processor and reliable performance at an affordable price point.

Digital Media players



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Increase consumer average checkout value


Elevate overall in-store customer experience

Benefits of Digital Signage

Retailers adding digital signage have reported up to a 55% increase in sales as a result of incorporating digital campaigns and promotions to their stores. Partnering up with your vendors and introducing co-op marketing by featuring their products on your screen will boost sales, and induce an easy and profitable transition into digital signage.


Content Management System

Our cloud-based CMS can be accessed from anywhere at any time, by simply logging into your account through our web-based application. Designed with an intuitive interface, it is simple to manage all your screens from one central location. Our CMS is a versatile and scalable application, capable of large or small deployments. 

About the Solid Media Player

The Solid MP is a high-end cost-efficient player with a powerful intel processor. Powered by Linux, the solid mp has reliable player software designed to run 24/7. In addition, with both a Display Port and HDMI port the SolidMP can easily and efficiently display content across 2 display screens (while decreasing costs.) The Solid MP can output beautiful imagery, accommodating 4K displays.

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