The Digital shelf display

The Digital Shelf Display is a premium shelf-edge signage capturing consumer attention, improving shelf performance and strengthening your brand. Maximize in-store visibility and gain the ultimate control over your shopper’s experience.

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Empower your brand.

Communicate with your customers through our unique Shelf Display, increasing brand confidence and loyalty.

The Digital Shelf Display, a key seller in retail environments, provides premium digital advertising at shelf-level, where 85% of purchase decisions are made

Visualize your products & engage your customers

Use the Digital Shelf Display to create an immersive brand and accelerate the impact of your product. Attract consumers to your shelf with state-of-the-art shelf edge technology and influence their purchase decision.

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Facts & Figures

1 %
Reported a better overall in-store experience
1 %
Reduction of perceived wait time at checkout
1 %
Reported an increase in store location traffic

Digital shelf display

Keep Customers Engaged & Informed

TurnKey Solution

No more changing signs! Digital integration allows you to easily control and change every sign on one place.

Communicate Better

Promote monthly specials, seasonal messages, and in-store loyalty programs to your customers.

Stronger Relationships

Remind your customers how pleasant it is to shop in-store by creating an immersive and enjoyable atmosphere.

All-in-One Solution

Reliable 24/7 operation with 1-year warranty. The all-in-one Digital Shelf Display features an integrated Linux-driven PC-based player that allows users to effectively and efficiently manage their own signage.

Sleek Stylish Design

A sleek stylish design with slim-high LED panels utilizing backlight technology lending to an elegant look for eye-level placements. Its narrow profile with a height of only 3 inches ensures that it does not interfere with the shelf.


Update content through USB Memory Stick, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G Cellular Modem or Mobile Hotspot.

Hassle-Free Installation

The highly flexible Digital Shelf Display can be placed vertically or horizontally. Fasten the unit by tightening the shelf brackets without the need to tamper with the shelf. All that is required is a 12V DC power cord to Plug & Play.

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